2 LEVEL Home Style Exterior

SPECIFICATION SHEET All Units are Handicap Accessible

LENGTH: 33' 8" WIDTH: 8'0" GVW: 7,400#" AXLE WT.:6,450#

HEIGHT: 11' 6" INT. 105" GVWR: 10,400 # HITCH WT.:950#


ADA Compliant: All units are handicap accessible.


FRAME 2X8 high strength 3/16 wall  tube steel rails. Welded battery rack on tongue with a steel tube 4x4 rear bumper with aluminum cover and standard safety chains. Rear skid bars for additional protection.


2x3 members 16" on center with ˝" black board sheathing construction. Studs are bonded to 5/32 plywood paneling for high strength and light weight. ABS fenders with galvanized wheel pans. Hand cut fiberglass insulation in sidewalls with a R 7 rating.


The exterior of the house is white standard house vinyl siding with a lifetime guarantee. Commercial simulated cedar shake are at upper areas of front and sides on the mansard roof.


The unit shall have tandem axles 5,200# each with equalized suspension. The axles are Rubber Torsion construction eliminating the risk of broken springs and worn parts to replace. This suspension offers a superior ride and reduced maintenance. 4 wheel 12 " electric brakes will be utilized mfg by Hayes or equal. A brake away switch will be attached to the frame as an emergency stop, in the unlikely event of unit separation. Rubber torsion axles are the finest axle available for a trailer


ST225/75/R15 trailer tires on heavy duty styled white 6 lug wheels and center caps.


A 1-piece rubber roof is provided bonded to OSB underlayment. Tapered 2x4 roof trusses provide a crown to the roof eliminating puddling. 4 roof vents are in place. The insulation is R7

FLOOR: The floor is constructed of 5/8" exterior grade tongue & groove plywood on 2x4 support members 12" on center. Living room, bedroom and stairs are fully carpeted with a ˝" rebond pad. Kitchen and control room as well as the storage compartments have a fully insulated floor with heavy-duty vinyl under belly for maximum weather shielding at a minimal weight.

LIGHTS-INTERIOR: 12-volt lights shall be fluorescent lights on the ceiling except the control room. The balance of the lights shall be dome lights as follows, total of 27 lights. (some have 2 lights in one fixture): Bedroom-6, Storage compartment- -1, Control room-2, Kitchen-5, Living room-6, (inc. 2 over elec. fireplace) over stairs –2



FLOOR:  The floor is constructed of 5/8" HIP® “Huber Industrial Panel” on  2x4 floor joist 16” on center support members 16" on center. HIPh® flooring has a limited “5” year warranty.  This material is used in many high-line cargo trailers.


3 porch lights. 2 on door side and one on rear. A light fixture is provided in the top of the generator storage compartment. State of the art LED ICC lights are in place as required.  A hook up light on the power tongue jack. A 12 volt power source with an on/off switch is prewired to the roof for a strobe. The wall switch will be located in the control room.


All windows are heat treated safety glass. A single hung 36"x 36" control room picture window with screen and mini blind is provided. Living room and bedroom windows are RV slider windows. Curtains, with tiebacks, valances, with the exception of the 40"x 45" sliding window leading onto the escape ladder.


An electric fireplace with crackling sounds will be located in the living room. It will have a screen and simulated brick face. A top mantel and two wall lights add to the warm home feel of the living room. An on/off switch will be wall mounted next to the fireplace.


Recycled plastic lumber is used to construct the 60" x 45" lower rear deck and all vertical supports as well as all rear deck rails. Plastic lumber is a maintenance free product that will not warp and split like pressure treated lumber. The 48" x 60" upper rear deck floor is constructed of plywood covered with aluminum and outdoor carpet. A commercially available chain escape ladder shall be bolted securely at upper and lower deck for escape simulation. The ladder will be mounted in a manner that allows shoe clearance between siding and chain ladder.


The kitchen shall be equipped with a functional 3-burner stove with oven. The stove will be equipped with a shut off valve in the gas supply line. A city water hook up is provided to allow use of stainless steel sink. A functional microwave oven will be provided as well as a place for a refrigerator with 4 power outlets. An exhaust fan and hood with light will also be provided. Upper and lower cabinets are in place. There is a 105" ceiling height. The front wall of the unit has a bay window with mini blinds that allows an open feel to the room and a lot of natural light


The living room shall be equipped with a electric fire place. The living room will be carpeted with ˝" rebond pad except at the fireplace harth Carpeted bench seats and the 911 training telephone. The ceiling height is 51"


Smoke machine and 1 case of water base smoke fluid is standard.


A control room will be provided allowing control of many educational functions. A 911-phone system for 911 training. On/off switch for 110 volt smoke alarms. An on/off switch for bedroom electrically heated door shall be in the control room. ABS smoke ducting system (schedule 40) with control valves allowing room selection as well as an operating location and outlet for water base smoke machine. A smoke ready light in the control room will be controlled by the training officer in the bedroom. The control room will have a 48" counter with storage cabinets and a 48" x 12" x5" cushion on a bench for the control room operator. A 36"x36" single hung window with screen and mini blind.



A 36"x 75" out swinging RV door is provided on the curbside A 34" rear door is in place. A 7"x55" door with key lock will be on left side for handicap ramp storage compartment as well as a 40"x11" door with key lock for under stairwell storage access.


The unit will be equipped with a 13,500 btu air conditioning, with ducting to bedroom , living room and kitchen. Heat will be provided by a 35,000 BTU Atwood #8500 forced air furnace ducted throughout. 4 power roof vents, shall be installed to aid in removing non toxic smoke as well as help hold the smoke to the ceiling during training.


The bedroom shall be on the upper level. It will have a 51 in. ceiling height. It will be fully

carpeted with rebond pad, curtains with tie backs and valances on the single hung windows. A bed with vinyl covered mattress, bedspread and pillow sham. A night stand is provided and carpeted bench. Exhaust fans shall be roof mounted with an on/off switch control, allowing the instructor to monitor smoke removal. A smoke on signal in the control room can be activated by the instructor in the bedroom. A sliding window in the rear of the unit will allow access to upper rear deck and escape ladder. Kneepads and head bumper pads are in place. An electrically heated door is used to simulate fire on the opposite side.


A 30-amp power supply cord shall be provided for 110-volt AC power needs. All wall receptacles are functional. Ground fault receptacles are in the kitchen as well as both outside outlets. Power is supplied through a 55 amp DC power converter unit.


12-volt power for the unit is provided by a 55-amp solid state Elixir or equal power converter. The converter will supply all 12-volt needs of the unit when plugged in. Unit has a deep cycle battery and box to supply 12-volt power on short term when not plugged in.


This unit is equipped with a battery disconnect switch. This eliminates the chance of a dead battery due to leaving an interior light on while in storage.


There is a back up alarm built into the rear of the unit. This is intended to be a warning device alerting pedestrians that the unit is backing up and the tow vehicle is in reverse. (The tow vehicle must be properly wired for this feature to function)

911 PHONE with Call back system: A wall phone will be located in the living room allowing a child to experience dialing 911 and reaching (control room) a firefighter or dispatcher.    An external phone jack will be located on the door side of the unit, allowing 911 training from outside the unit or to demonstrate the need to exit the home in a fire situation and call from a neighbor.


A 12 volt power tongue jack manufactured by Barker Mfg. will be in place. The unit will have manual back up capability as well as 1 hookup light.


4 BAL or equal crank down stabilizer jacks shall be frame mounted. These jacks will stabilize the unit and eliminate suspension travel while occupied.


Control room-5 Kitchen-4 Living room-3

Bedroom-4 Outside-2 Under stairs in storage-1


Windows have curtains with tiebacks, valances and mini blinds. Electric fireplace with on/off switch. Carpeted benches. Lights above mantel. Wall mounted telephone.

GENERATOR STORAGE: A generator compartment is provided to store and transport a generator. It is located so that the wheel chair ramp can be used to load and unload generator.

TV CABINET: A TV cabinet is provided on the awning side of the trailer. A slide out shelf shall be in place. This shelf will accommodate up to a 19"tv/vcr. Any unit speced to accommodate a 25" tv/vcr will not have a slide out shelf.


A 21 ft. roll out awning is standard equipment and will be located on the curb side of the unit. Only the main entrance door will be covered by the awning.


Due to the constant refinement and development of the Safety House the specifications may change with out notice