As a safety educator you have a new tool to work with!!

The Surrey Fire Safety House with the "SEVERE WEATHER TRAINING".

With Surrey you have all of the standard fire safety education plus you can teach children and adults to recognize severe weather warnings, and what steps should be taken to stay safe when severe weather threatens. The Severe Weather option allows the children to learn and then experience a severe weather simulation. A hands on experience is the best teacher!! Personnel from the National Weather Service that have experienced this simulation said " This experience is very impressive, extremely realistic and very accurate".

The Safety House will have a TV/DVD secured to the top of a brick faced fireplace in the living room. A commercially developed TV program about severe weather is on a tape.

The kids are watching a TV show explaining what to do if they are in school or even at a baseball or soccer game. Then just as in the real world the TV station interrupts the programming to issue special weather statements. For example, a tornado warning.

A surround sound unit reproduces the sound of rain, wind and thunder. This adds tremendous realism to the training exercise. There are close-outs over the windows to eliminate bright sunlight outside, matching the atmosphere created by a severe storm. Strobe lights are mounted behind the window valances and are automatically activated by specific thunder tones, adding to the realism. A tornado siren is heard, sounding as if to be a few blocks away. This is followed by a National Weather Service alert complete with alert tone and a generic location for the approaching tornado. To add to the realism a large sub woofer is built into the fireplace and will allow the children to feel the deep vibration of the low tone thunder. We even give you the ability to cause a power failure with the TV shutting down and all lights in the room go off. There is an emergency light that comes on. As the tornado approaches, the sound level of the storm can be increased with the use of a mixer board. As the tornado passes the sound of the wind is loud enough to drown out the thunder. When the storm moves past, the sound can be reduced and soon you hear birds chirping, dogs barking and the sound of thunder rolls off into the distance, as the relative quiet of the post storm world is achieved. End of storm!!

The weather service alerts can be selected from several choices of alerts. We even have separate storms, one with a tornado siren and the same storm without the tornado siren.

The children have heard and seen the severe weather alerts, and now recognize what they mean. They have lived through the storm by taking appropriate actions and they are safe! The hands on experience will stay with the children all of their lives. 

Surrey Severe Weather Option Electronics and Equipment

* multi input studio type sound mixer with level indicator and power supply

* 4 high output wall mount cabinet speakers

* Surrey proprietary built multi channel digital sound effect control unit

* 5 speaker digital sound system

* 1 heavy duty down firing sub woofer

* multi channel sound keyed strobe light trigger unit

* 2 adjustable flash rate strobe lights w/ brackets

* 1 set of sound studio produced weather alert compact disc

* 1 set of sound studio produced storm compact disc (thunder, wind and rain)

* 1 set of sound studio produced thunder compact disc with lightning control

* 1 commercially produced severe weather education DVD

w/ on screen generic weather alerts by TV personalities

*  TV/DVD unit w/remote 

* Surrey proprietary digital weather alert with operation on demand

* 1 hand held emergency lantern rechargeable with power loss flashing feature

* black out controls for lights during storm

* power loss control for TV/DVD unit

* digital program timing unit

* roof vent close out panels as required

* 1 full set of snap on window covers as required

* 1 battery powered portable radio w/ cassette player

* all components are stowable or are secured for travel and hard wired